Black Diamond

After Tommy Sacca saw the weight loss results of his wife, Elizabeth, he decided it was his turn to take charge of his health.


From skeptic to product user to Black Diamond

Tommy Sacca’s weight had ballooned to 340 pounds when his body sent him a wake-up call. His colon burst.

“The bottom one-third of my colon had to be removed,” Tommy says. “I had to have massive surgeries to repair the damage my weight had done to my body, including a total knee replacement.” Even after that, Tommy was reluctant to lose weight. That is, until his son joined Zija.

“I resisted for fi ve to six months, because I had tried businesses like that before,” Tommy says. “I had joined other companies to get friends off my back but I never made any money or saw any results.” Then Tommy’s wife started taking the products, and he noticed a difference right away. She had more energy, she was losing weight — and his heart began to turn. He started using Zija products and saw the same results his wife did. The pounds dropped, his health improved and before he knew it, he had lost over 100 pounds.

“I couldn’t play one round of golf at my previous weight,” Tommy says. “My body would be in so much pain that I would have to quit. I would sit in my recliner, eat dinner, go back to my recliner, and then to bed. But now I get to play golf all I want and spend more time with my family.”

Tommy began his Zija journey as a skeptic, but now he has climbed his way to Black Diamond, where he trains his team members on commitment and consistency.

“We make commitments every single day, but the only ones that yield results are those that we stick with,” Tommy says. “I wasn’t committed or consistent in my fi rst attempts at network marketing, but now that I found a company I believe in, it’s easy to stay committed and see results.”