Double Black Diamond

Roger McKay sold his construction business to join Zija, giving him more free time, more financial resources and more time with his kids.


Building a dream home in a dream life

Roger McKay knew what it meant to be time broke. He was thriving financially in the construction renovation company he started in his early 20s, but he came home at the end of the day with no time or energy to spend with his two kids. That wasn’t an option for this single dad.

“I looked myself in the mirror and could see how tired and worn out I was,” Roger says. “I had projected confidence in my decision to do traditional business, but inside I was struggling.”

It all came to a head when his daughter opened his eyes to the negative effect of his workload.

“My daughter got frustrated with me one day,” Roger says. “My son was talking to me and she said, ‘Dad, you’re not hearing anything he’s saying.’ That shook me up and I realized this had to stop.”

Up until that point, Roger had avoided the network marketing industry, thinking it only provided 8-to-5-and-later jobs just like his. When he realized the time freedom he could enjoy by growing his own business, he couldn’t wait to get started.

He closed his construction company and jumped into a business opportunity that provided the time and finances he wanted so he could be with his kids. But it was nothing like what he found with Zija five years later.

“I met with Ken Brailsford in Kentucky and immediately realized that this company was thriving on an entirely different level,” Roger says. “It was ready to fill a nutritional need that people demanded, but that wasn’t provided anywhere else.”

Now, he is building his dream home in his dream location, just minutes away from his kids and grand-kids.

“If I hadn’t made that change to Zija I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Roger says.