Black Diamond

In the free time he found with Zija, Quang Nguyen likes to travel the United States with his wife, Crystal, and three kids.


Quang Nguyen’s harvest is all success and satisfaction

A phrase Quang Nguyen heard from his mother countless times growing up took on a new meaning when he found himself burned out in a dead-end career: “You can’t harvest in someone else’s field.” “I was bringing success to the cable company I worked for, but I never felt like it was my own ‘field,’” Quang says. “I was tired of going nowhere and needed to find my own field to harvest.”

But before the harvest, Quang needed to find and plant the right seeds. He left the cable company and discovered network marketing, where he found lush soil to sow his seeds of entrepreneurship.

After only a year he saw his income increase significantly and knew he had found the right industry. Then Zija came along and changed everything in all the right ways.

“I saw that Zija had a stronger foundation than other network marketing companies,” Quang says. “The state-of-the-art facilities, along with the natural ingredients in the products and incredible compensation plan made it an easy choice to join.”

Now as a Double Black Diamond in Zija, he sees the fruits of his labors in his health and his bank account. Since starting on Zija products he doesn’t get headaches anymore, and he and his family were able to move into the California home they always wanted. But it all pales in comparison to what he values most — family time.

“We have traveled all over the United States together — to Texas, Florida and New Jersey to name a few,” Quang says. “It’s hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction that comes from leaving an unfulfilling career to be with my family and live a life I get excited about every day. Zija has made that possible.”