After hearing the incredible stories of leaders in Zija, Lindsay DeBord questioned why she wasn’t a part of it.


Washington mother of three stops missing out by working up

Lindsay DeBord couldn’t handle it. In six years, the mother of three had only been there for Christmas morning once. Such is the life of a full-time nurse.

She had started in network marketing and enjoyed some level of success. However, with her previous company, she couldn’t get traction enough to replace her nursing income and, with family fi nancial pressure mounting, she faced the possibility of missing another Christmas morning.

“I wanted to make network marketing work,” Lindsay says.

She had long followed the career of Sandi Watkins and knew that if Sandi took advantage of the Zija opportunity, then it must be a good one.

“I was up one night and I decided to start researching Zija to see why Sandi would have joined,” Lindsay says. “I liked how the company information didn’t feel corny or hype-ey. It felt down to earth. I was intrigued.”

As a health professional, Lindsay loves the products associated with Zija, but wouldn’t allow herself to learn much about the products until she knew that the business opportunity was real, sustainable and could be replicated by non-health professionals.

“I wanted to make sure someone without a health background could replicate what I was doing,” she says.

Three months later — without researching Moringa — Lindsay found she had dropped three pants sizes and was able to take her workouts to a new level of intensity. She also found that people of all ages and activity levels were seeing results.

Plus, Lindsay can live the life of a mother of three with the fl exibility to be there for her children.

Especially on Christmas morning.