Ryan Palmer is the CEO of Zija, where "readers are leaders." The foyer of Zija International headquarters includes a library of personal development books. Employees read and share what they learned at staff meetings, including personal development principles they discovered and how they’ve applied them in their own lives. This culture of learning and growing is adapted by both the employees and the distributors of Zija.


In 2004, Ken Brailsford brought his large family together for a big announcement. This co-founder of two other successful network marketing companies told his children and grandchildren that he was coming out of retirement to start one more venture — the legacy company he wanted to be known for.

Ken spent an entire day with his son-in-law Ryan Palmer (now Zija's President and CEO), and Ken articulated his vision for the new company.

“His words planted deep into my heart, and I knew it was a significant moment,” Ryan says. “Ken changed my life forever, as well as the trajectory of world health.

When Zija first started rolling products off the manufacturing lines, Ryan was a front-line distributor. He worked the business for several years and built a strong team. His experiences as a distributor continue to influence his widely respected leadership style, now at the helm of one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in the country.

Ryan, like all members of the Zija team, was drawn to this organization to be part of the legacy being built on a rock-solid foundation. They want to change the way people think about themselves, others, nutrition and their financial opportunity. And Zija is the vehicle to answer their questions, solve their problems and enrich their lives with personal development.

“We have built a quality organization, comprised of high quality, high integrity and pure motives,” Ryan says. “We understand service and love what we do, and that’s the Zija way — to have fun as we influence and serve those around us.”


Dr. Joshua Plant teaches the three important steps to health and wellness, which make up the Natural Health Revolution he is leading around the globe. “If we do one of those things but neglect the other two, it doesn’t do any good,” he says. “If we eat healthy but sit on the couch all day, we aren’t maximizing our results. We can revolutionize our health if we make the right choices in all three areas.”


“In today’s world, we are facing the greatest famine ever seen — not of calories, but of nutrients. Government regulations require synthetic nutrition be added to our food, but we really need to derive our nutrition naturally. Moringa oliefera is the most nutritious botanical, which ensures we are getting our bodies the proper fuel.”


“Nature has remedies for us,” Dr. Plant says. “Zija’s Améo Essential Oils are the first oils proven to penetrate and work on a cellular level.”


“We need to ensure that people get the most out of their 30 or 50 minutes of exercise. We’ve formulated a drink similar to the electrolytes in sports drinks, but it’s naturally flavored, naturally sweetened and naturally colored. We need to condition safely and effectively.”


With Zija’s strong scientific foundation, incredible products and hard-working-and-happy corporate team, the company is experiencing explosive growth and is poised for a future that will continue to change the lives and health of those who come aboard.

“The health and wellness segment is the fastest growing marketing segment in the world and will be the next trillion-dollar industry,” Ryan says.

He breaks the health and wellness industry intro three segments: supplementation, healing and fitness.

“All three of these are growing as we are all deprived from the nutritiously empty food in the supply chain,” Ryan says. “More than 70 percent of Americans are on some sort of prescription medication. As a society, we’ve gotten away from the basics when it comes to healing and restoring.”

Zija is leading the Natural Health Revolution, a phrase the company uses widely as their calling card. In fact, the company is the rst to commercialize what Ryan calls “the most nutrient-dense botanical on the planet” — Moringa oleifera.


Zija took a giant step forward when Dr. Joshua Plant brought his science and his work ethic to the company. As a top graduate from Harvard Medical School (and in half the time it takes the typical student), Dr. Plant could write his ticket anywhere and earn high salaries in multiple industries, including hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. However, his motivations are based on the impact he can have on the world through educating people about lifestyle changes, and Zija is the vehicle for him to utilize his knowledge and drive.

When Dr. Plant joined hands with the already-successful Zija, it changed the company in massive ways. With Dr. Plant leading the scientific advancements and product development as Chief Operating Officer, the possibilities are truly endless.

“I am here at Zija because of the impact we can have,” Dr. Plant says.

In fact, he describes society as sitting on a casual river, assuming everything is fine even though we hear a waterfall coming up.

“We can continue our behaviors and fall off that waterfall or we can jump into the cold river and start swimming upstream,” he says. “If I had taken other job opportunities, I would have contributed to the problem of heading over the waterfall instead of providing a solution.”

Enter Dr. Plant’s partnership with Zija.

“I want to be part of an organization that empowers people to make decisions and improve their lives. Individuals have great power over their own health and wellness, but we continue to ignore that as a society,” Dr. Plant says. “We know how to prevent six out of the top 10 diseases today, and yet we embrace the lifestyle that causes them.”

Dr. Plant’s passion for arousing people’s interest in health led him to start the Natural Health Revolution, with the goal of giving people the power to fight for health and wellness. He believes in awakening people to the problems and providing a solution.

“I chose Zija International to lead the Natural Health Revolution because they ‘get it,’” Dr. Plant says. “Zija products naturally nourish. Zija gives me the opportunity to change the world with our products. I couldn’t turn down the chance to bring solutions to the world through this incredible business model.”


Zija doesn’t believe they are working against competitors in the network marketing space. Instead, they view the other companies as other “NFL teams in the same league.”

“The bigger picture is that people are in a health and financial crisis,” says Jarom Dastrup, Vice President of Sales. “The food chain is not meeting our nutritional needs, and that is the enemy. Together, we must break the status quo and change the way people think about nutrition.”

Ryan describes any problem as “an opportunity in camouflage,” so the company is tackling the fastest-growing problem in the country by addressing the health and wellness needs.

Those who understand the industry see Zija’s vertical integration as a major reason to hook their wagon to Zija.

“We control the variables, which means we have efficacy when it comes to profitability, stability,” Jarom says. “We don’t break the integrity of the science for a gimmick or a trend. Our solid science inspires a healthy lifestyle. You want our products because you feel better and you want to be better.


Ryan Palmer

Joshua Plant


TITLE President and CEO

FAMILY Wife and three children

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE Vice President of Sales and Operations for a large, traditional corporation, Zija distributor.

MENTORS Dan Clark. “He taught me to wake up and treat every day like it matters — because it does.”

WHAT OTHERS SAY “Ryan is visionary. He’s patient with himself and others, and he is methodical about his decisions and leadership. He’s easy to follow.” – Jarom Dastrup

TITLE Chief Operating Officer

FAMILY Wife and four children (including a 12-year-old son who won the state science fair by studying Améo products and their effect on common cold bacteria)

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE Grew up in a trailer park before becoming a first-generation college student and ultimately graduating at the top of Harvard Medical School

WHAT OTHERS SAY “Dr. Plant is a whopping genius! He’s a specimen from all aspects — intelligently, spiritually, emotionally and his ability to communicate to others in this business.” — Jarom Dastrup

TITLE Vice President of Sales

FAMILY Wife and three kids

PAST WORK EXPERIENCE Jarom worked for a health company that put him in India for two weeks each month. “I learned the depth of their caste system. If they were a farmer, they would always be a farmer. I witnessed breakthrough events where families that never thought they would own a car did get a car. It’s amazing to see spiritual and mental growth that occurs with a changed mindset."

HOBBIES Running marathons and competing in IRONMAN competitions

FAVORITE ZIJA PRODUCT SuperMix and Ripstix Energy

THREE REASONS PEOPLE SHOULD LOOK AT ZIJA Solid foundation, incredible science, financial opportunity

WHAT OTHERS SAY "Jarom can connect with people at the heart more than anyone I’ve met in my entire life. He genuinely loves people and develops relationships quickly.” — Ryan Palmer


“Life unlimited” isn’t just a phrase thrown around at Zija meetings and in marketing materials. It describes a life without limits — physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially — and the Zija family has it in abundance.

“There’s an incredible fiber weaved between our distributors of servanthood,” Jarom says. “Leaders work with other leaders, even when there’s no financial benefit. They support each other, and that fiber of servant leadership connects all of us.”

In fact, Jarom says Zija attracts people to its culture who are focused on service — and not on dollar signs.

“The money comes when you learn how to build people, but the Zija culture is first and foremost about building and inspiring others,” he says.


With Ryan as the President and CEO, Zija understands the distributor mindset.

“Being a distributor earlier in Zija’s timeline continues to help me understand the highs and lows that distributors face,” he says. “I know the wins and losses they are going through. I understand the small victories along the way, and I want to celebrate with them.”

When Ryan was a distributor, he convinced Ken (Founder and his father-in-law) to drive six hours with him to a big meeting in another state. When they arrived, the meeting’s host had only brought one guest. Ken treated the meeting like the most important place he could be.

“That experience was humbling but educational,” Ryan says. “I know how much distributors need a pat on the back from corporate and I enjoy celebrating the small victories with them.”

Even now, Ryan reminds his staff in meetings that the real business is out happening in hotel rooms, coffee shops and living rooms.

“Our job here at corporate headquarters is to keep the vehicle running properly — we’re the pit crew,” he says. “We make sure the car is tuned and running, but the real race is out on the track.”


The corporate team of Zija can be described as visionary, dynamic, strong, passionate and meek.

“Around our board table, if somebody needs to be corrected, there’s not an ego blocking that from happening,” Jarom says. “The meekness at Zija allows us to be constantly learning and bettering ourselves. We want to keep our competitive edge.”

The corporate team is well-known for its dedication to Zija but also to each other. Every member has a story of being drawn to Zija and finding it to be “home.”

Jarom’s journey to Zija began five years ago when his father died as a pilot in an airplane crash. The logistical and emotional devastation taught him to balance himself emotionally and financially. He had to charge his batteries. He learned to understand himself and other people, including their motivations and needs. These people skills served him well as he started at the call center in Zija.

“In this position, I learned our back office, our technology, our compensation plans, our products and our science behind the products,” Jarom says. “But most importantly, I learned what was important to the people calling in. Our distributors are the most important people in our organization.”


The Zija team has its sights set on the future, as the company gets bigger, faster, stronger. The company is growing wisely, with the infrastructure in place to handle a smart growth curve.

“We're becoming a staple in the direct sales industry — a big name — and it’s because of two reasons,” Jarom says. “First, we provide incredibly solid products and secondly we have the revenues and financial opportunity associated with first-class products.”

The future of Zija will be to continue to lead the Natural Health Revolution and give people the power and tools to change.

“We are changing the world with our message, and we are on an aggressive pattern to influence millions of lives on an annual basis,” Dr. Plant says. "Our message is resonating and hundreds of thousands are exposed to the Natural Health Revolution on a weekly basis. We’ve unlocked natural solutions and are changing lives.”