Zija fuels Greg Bibb’s competitive edge by providing the best of the best in terms of nutrition.


Zija let Greg Bibb ditch his teacher’s salary

Five years ago, Greg Bibb attempted to juggle more roles than he could handle. He worked as the assistant principal and the athletics director at the local high school. He coached the high school boys’ basketball team and the high school and junior high school golf teams.

His wife, Tamara, paralleled his busy life with her job as a special education teacher and as a softball and basketball coach. “We were broke time-wise and fi nancially,” Greg says. “Over the summer we had to get to know each other again because we had gone through the whole school year without seeing each other.”

That all changed with Zija. “We took the product, lost weight and felt better than we had in years,” Greg says. “We wanted people to feel the same way.” Greg started to share the products with his friends and family who also saw the benefi ts from Zija. Soon instead of paying for the products out of their teacher salaries, Greg and Tamara starting paying for the products with their residual income.

“That’s when the lightbulb over my head lit up and it made me understand that there was more out there,” Greg says. “I loved coaching and being around the kids but it wasn’t what I needed to provide for my family.”

Zija let Greg regain control of his fi nancial situation and provide for his family. Thanks to Zija, Greg and Tamara have both left their teaching careers just 20 months into the business.

Greg still has a competitive edge from years of coaching and playing sports that aligns with his work in Zija perfectly. Nothing beats Zija.

“Zija is the best of the best in terms of nutrition,” Greg says. “Zija gives you the best of the best to make you a better you.”