Health, wellness and beauty opportunity explodes across the globe

Since its inception, Zija International always had the vision of creating a worldwide impact. After all, international expansion courses through the veins of founder Ken Brailsford.

“Ken has traveled the world and he has founded two other international companies,” says Chris Fowler, Director of International Operations. “He has a belief in these products and a belief that the world needs these products.

Zija currently operates markets in 59 countries, from Austria to Australia and from Columbia to South Africa.

“The legacy of Zija is through its people,” Chris says. “People spread Life Unlimited. The Japanese and Korean markets have experienced phenomenal growth. They have developed a culture through a common idea.”

Customer service centers located in Europe, Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and the United States help Zija customers in their own time-zone and in their own language. Essential tools are available in nearly 30 languages.

From European powerhouses to lesser-known countries, people across the globe embrace Zija because of the business it provides.

“The United States is such a blessed nation, but outside of that bubble in the developing world people are hungry for opportunity,” Chris says. “People want a structure-safe environment to practice entrepreneurship. Zija provides that, and that’s where the passion comes from.”

When someone expresses interest in opening an international market, Zija provides resources based on the volume. As the market continues to grow, Zija provides more resources for the market. Zija shares the Global Strategy and Business Guide with those interested in opening a new market, which demonstrates exactly what stage needs to be reached to receive certain resources.

“A lot of companies enter into a country, invest everything into it and then it fails and they suffer from that black-eye,” Chris says. “Others try to dip their toe in but don’t truly invest in the market. Zija goes right to the middle of this spectrum through partnership localization.”

As Zija enters a new market, they research the way business is done in that country and then localize the products, business plan and strategy to that specific culture and industry.

With its model for international success, Zija continues to make a worldwide impact as the Natural Health Revolution spreads to each corner of the world.

59 Countries