An introduction to Zija marked Debi Balmert’s 50th birthday as the start of a new life chapter.


Fiftieth birthday celebration leads to health and wealth

For Debi Balmert’s 50th birthday, she went to a holistic center for a spa treatment and came out with a product that would change her life. While at the treatment, she told the owner of the center about an upcoming trip to Colorado to hike the sand dunes. The owner sent her with a packet of Zija XM+. As she hiked the sand dunes, her energy level amazed her.

“My husband kept looking at me because I was right on his heels despite the sand and the Colorado altitude,” Debi says. “I felt fantastic and less sore than I was certain I would have been.”

Debi’s initial results with the product sparked her to order more. As a fitness trainer for 24 years, Debi always searched for products that would help fuel her active lifestyle, but nothing could compare to Moringa.

“Everyone can benefit from consuming Zija because of the nutrient base of the God-given plant itself,” Debi says. “It is the most nutritionally-dense plant on the planet so I can’t see why someone wouldn’t want to consume it.”

The business aspect of Zija also fuels Debi’s love of entrepreneurism. As a child, Debi would collect pop bottles and take them in for the refund.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” Debi says. “In Zija, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. You have such a support system and you have so many people helping you build your dream.”

Her genes made her an entrepreneur, and now Zija is the lifeblood of the family. All of her kids, grandchildren, and even her 92-year-old father take the product and feel the difference — just like she does.

“I feel stronger since starting to take Zija,” Debi says. “My business foundation is more solid and my life purpose is stronger.”